Yapp in the Classroom: An App Maker & Digital Binder FREE

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 1.31.21 AM Yapp is a free tool that can be used to make basic iOS and android apps. In a mere 10 minutes, users can create apps in various styles to share with whomever they choose. In addition, apps can be created via computer or Mac.

In a classroom, I immediately thought of a PBL project where students need to keep accountability as to what is transpiring in their project.

Students can choose from the following pages….

Schedule: Create a log to track time spent planning or implementing

Newsfeed/: Use backchannels during the project and include a twitter stream of your hashtags

Gallery: Upload pictures taken throughout the course of your project

People: List names of contributors as contact information

Simple Text Box: Create a list of references as well as project uploads!

Sharing is simple! You can share via email, link or QR code! On an ios device, users must make sure that they have downloaded the “yapp box” box app first. After which, they can download user create apps.




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