Yes, I’m Applying to GTA Again

Google Teacher Academy is coming to Austin and even after the let-down of Atlanta, I’m applying again. I took a different route in taking the time to try and creatively piece a video together as opposed to last year’s “last minute like” video. No, it’s not about the video…and from what I understand, it’s only a small portion but to me, this was important.

I have never been a great video editor but I took the “letdown of Atlanta” as an opportunity to learn. I wanted to be better at creating the story so I looked at other forms of video and even watched a few clips in Lynda.com. None of those clips did me any good actually!

Basically, I threw out all of the things that I learned in the last few months and instead created from a script and by instinct.

The Question: How do you innovate in the educational community to generate positive change?

I actually wrote three different versions. I wrote one that focused on equity. I wrote another that focused on math and then I wrote this one that focused on creativity. Truthfully, as much as I have done, nothing has been more impactful than sharing Braeden’s story…so with that in mind, I created this…

This video represents me better than anything that I could craft…JUST to get in. This is our story…his story…my story.

Creating the Video

I edited every piece in imovie but I also included clips that I captured using hyperlapse as well as Camtasia Mac. Part of my sharing over time has been posting videos to instagram so I captured a few of those to help tell the story. I recorded my track on my phone in a video and separating the audio from video was as simple as detaching it. I rarely write scripts but I certainly did for this and making that small adjustment allowed me to piece together the media that I needed to tell the story.

As for the title, I made it in photoshop on a transparent background which I like much better than imovie titles.

I learned all of this since August and I am proud.

No, it’s not perfect but it’s progress and that matters more.

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  1. Seriously, they should be chomping at the bit to get you into their program. They should be recruiting you to attend.

    Seriously, if you are not selected this year, it says more to me about the flaws in their selection criteria, and their acts of gatekeeping for this program, than anything else.

    I look forward to reading about your impending acceptance 🙂

    1. Post

      Thank you Bill! We’ll see what happens this time. If not, the world won’t end and at the end of the day, my video making is improving and I am proud of that.

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