Yet Another Posting About Manga High Math


The other day, as always, we were ending our class time…with Manga High math. This time, instead of a “game”, we were utilizing one of Manga High’s algebra challenges. As all of my experiences with Manga High, this one ranked somewhere near the top literally because of one student. I had a student who, even with jumping through multiple instructional hoops, I have not reached. In the semester that I’ve had him, he’s the one who has not “drank the mathematical punch”. In other words, what I’m selling, he’s not buying…until now.

I started class by stating that the objective today was interpreting slopes of lines and intercepts. I did not have students open a book or pick up a worksheet. Instead, I utilized my SMARTBOARD and Manga High. When I turned on Manga High, this student immediately looked up. He began to listen and pay attention in ways that he had not done all semester. Next he started answering questions, which caught the entire class off guard because he had not spoken much at all this semester. Finally, he asked to go to the board and play…which has not happened in a few years. Not only did he answer almost every challenge correctly, he earned a silver medal which no one else did.

He stayed after class to tell me how much he really loved the way we learned in class today. I asked him if we did this everyday, would that help. His response was refreshing. He said,

No Miss. I’d just get bored again. But if you did this maybe once a week and mixed it up, I think that would be better.

Point Taken

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