Your Ideas Are Worth Sharing

You just had an amazing idea and you hesitantly tried it in your classroom. Your kids were amazed and you ended the day feeling great. You log on to twitter, crack open Zite or Flipboard and start thumbing through the ideas of others. You read or sometimes based on “the source”, you share anyway knowing that it HAS to be great. The next few minutes or hours are spent reading blogs, favoriting tweets and lurking through conversations praising the “eduheroes” that inspire your work. Your mind flashes back to the amazing learning experiences that happened in your classroom. With those thoughts now tucked away for next year’s class, you sleep and prepare to repeat the process again the next day…and the next…and the next.

The power in being a connected educator is not about being a receiver through one-sided communication but being a part of an open circle of sharing. That idea that sparked learning in your classroom could be the idea that changes learning for another.  When you share, you share without concern for who receives it but for the pleasure and satisfaction of laying your ideas on the table for others to experience.

Your voice matters and your ideas add to the library of knowledge that brings educators to social media to grow in their craft. I speak to so many educators who are doing brilliant things with their students yet believe that their lessons are not on par with others enough to share.

NEWSFLASH: There is no such thing as a perfect lesson! There are ideas and how they worked for various learning environments. For the most part, they are reconfigured to meet the needs of students depending on their necessities and access…at least they should be.

By keeping your ideas tucked away, you are in fact limiting your connection to growth and feedback through the reflective process that sharing enables.

When you begin your nightly “favorites, retweets and likes”, take a moment and do something daring…PUBLISH.

We are only as strong as the voices that contribute to the conversations and ideas.

They are ALL worth sharing.

We need your voice…your ideas…your lessons…your feedback…your reflections.

Feeling empowered yet?


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